SE Big Mountain 21 29er Mountain Bike Vehicles


Seller Information:

  • Seller Name: Chirayu Prahlad
  • Payment accepted by Cash
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA 19104

Product Information

The SE Big Mountain 21 29er mountain bike provides an affordable means to hit the local trails or your favorite greenway with aplomb. Its steel frame is incredibly strong and provides a nice ride quality over the rough stuff while the 75mm travel Suntour suspension fork smooths out ruts and roots. The 21-speed drivetrain delivers the perfect range of gearing so you're all set for climbing as well as rolling along briskly on flat terrain. The 29" wheels provide the means to roll over obstacles better than smaller diameter wheels and they roll super smooth on smooth terrain. And when it comes to controlling your speed a set of linear pull brakes ensures you've got all the stopping power you need. Steel frame is super-durable 75mm suspension fork softens bumps to save your hands and arms 21-speed drivetrain offers a wide range of gear options to help you over hilly terrain Linear-pull brakes provide trouble-free stopping power 29" wheels roll smoothly over obstacles and provide stability